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"If you ever felt like you were missing a critical step, or wanted a step-by-step plan to go from hobby to business with a successful plan for any situation - THIS is it!”
- Kristen Joy Laidig, "The Casual Entrepreneur"
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7 of My Best Business Structure Checklists:

 • Checklist #1: The "Analyze My Structure for the Best Tax Savings" Checklist
 • Checklist #2: The "Required Licenses & Permits" Checklist
 • Checklist #3: The "Know How to Track My Money" Checklist
 • Checklist #4: The Unique Business Name Checklist
 • Checklist #5: The "Know My Industry to Maximize 10 Years' Profits" Checklist
 • Checklist #6: The "3-Page Business Plan” Checklist
 • Checklist #7: The "Reach My Perfect Customer” Checklist

8 of My Most Popular "Find More Money" Checklists:

 • Checklist #8: The "Know Where My Money Goes Every Month" Checklist
 • Checklist #9: The "Get More Funding" Checklist
 • Checklist #10: The "Get Money from Family & Friends" Checklist
 • Checklist #11: The Exclusive "Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites" Checklist
 • Checklist #12: The Ultimate "Microloan Guide" Checklist
 • Checklist #13: The "Best Non-Traditional Loan Sources" Checklist
 • Checklist #14: The Complete "Know What I'm Getting Into" Bank Loan Checklist
 • Checklist #15: The Grant Location and Tracking Checklist

3 of My "Secret" Intellectual Property Protection Checklists:

 • Checklist #16: The Complete 3-Page U.S. Copyright Checklist
 • Checklist #17: The Step-By-Step Trademark Process Checklist
 • Checklist #18: The Easy-To-Use Patent Protection Checklist

2 of My Best Productivity Checklists:

 • Checklist #19: The "Find the Perfect Place to Work" Checklist
 • Checklist #20: The "Top Productivity Tools" Checklist

3 of My Favorite Coaching and Accountability Checklists:

 • Checklist #21: The "Easily Select the Best Business Coach" Checklist
 • Checklist #22: The Complete 3-Page "What to Ask" Business Coach Interview Checklist
 • Checklist #23: The "Where to Find Accountability Partners" Checklist

4 of My Easy Hire the Best People Checklists:

 • Checklist #24: The "No More Wasting Time" Employee Prospect Checklist
 • Checklist #25: The "Exactly What to Ask for the Best Person" Employee Interview Checklist
 • Checklist #26: The "No More Throwing Away Time" Independent Contractor Prospect Checklist
 • Checklist #27: The "Exactly What to Ask for the Best Team" IC Interview Checklist

4 of My Best Marketing and Customer Relations Checklists:

 • Checklist #28: The "Find the Right System" Customer Support Checklist
 • Checklist #29: The "Design the Best Hub" Website Checklist
 • Checklist #30: The "Remove the Time Suck" Social Media Marketing Checklist
 • Checklist #31: The 6-Page "Easily Make More Money" Marketing Plan Checklist
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This FREE 90-minute training by Tony Laidig will take the mystery out of how to use YOUR personal story to connect with your audience and grow your business... Remove any shame from who you are and how you started!

 • Origin Stories: Defined
 • Why Your Personal Origin Story Matters
 • How to Use Your Origin Story in Your Marketing
 • Personal Growth Benefits from Your Origin Story (and how to use them to maximize your business reach)
 • And MORE!
Bonus #2: Managing Your Business Craziness
This complete training from Tony Laidig will help you tame those crazy business dragons so you can stay focused and make more money!

 • Essential Business Management Practices for ANY Business Type
 • How We Keep Our Businesses Moving Along Smoothly (Look Behind OUR Curtain!)
 • And Much More!
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From how to think to how to stay out of the "no money" danger zone, this training by Tony Laidig is yours FREE with this checklist bundle!

 • Why We Struggle to "Think" Properly
 • Developing a Proper Business Mindset (And set yourself up for optimum success)
 • How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls (And save yourself a LOT of time, money, frustration and PAIN)
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 • Communicate with Customers (And make them spend more with you)
 • Keep Track of Your Ideas (And don't lose them)
 • And SOOOOOO Many More!
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 • Business Origin Story Worksheets (Craft YOUR story)
 • Manage Business Craziness Worksheets (Including systems, how to make things easier, and more tools to try)
 • Daily Habit/Tool Worksheet (Use every day to create awesome habits)
 • My Struggles Checklist (Easily identify the source of your struggle)
 • Defeating Self-Sabotage Worksheet (Get past it for GOOD!)
 • Avoiding Pitfalls Worksheet (Identify and avoid common mindset mistakes)
 • Recommended Reading Checklist (Our personal reading guide to master your own success)
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